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蔡思貝、何廣沛、林鈺洧、梁超怡、徐麟 -《高錕慈善基金》2022聖誕慈善義賣揭幕禮

《高錕慈善基金》Charles K. Kao Foundation for Alzheimer's Disease 【2022聖誕慈善義賣 - 揭幕禮精彩花絮】 2022聖誕慈善義賣揭幕禮經已於週日完滿結束。特別感謝一眾藝人包括蔡思貝、何廣沛,應屆三位港姐林鈺洧、梁超怡、 徐麟和揭幕禮司儀吳倖美,以及各產品贊助商代表蒞臨支持。 聖誕慈善義賣攤位將會在又一城G層 (近快圖美) 擺放至12月27日,每天開放時間由中午12時至晚上8時。請立即到攤位選䐟聖誕禮物吧! 【Christmas Charity Sale 2022 - Recap of Kick-off Ceremony】 The Charles K. Kao Foundation Christmas Charity Sale 2022 Kick-off Ceremony was successfully held last Sunday. Special thanks to all celebrities including Sisley Choi, Matthew Ho, Misses Hong Kong 2022 Denice Lam, Joey Leung and Astrid Xu as well as ceremony emcee Amy Ng. We are grateful for the presence of representatives from product sponsors. The Charity Sale booth will run till 27 Dec from 12 noon to 8 pm daily on Level G, Festival Walk (next to Fotomax). Please come shop for Christmas gifts now! 日期: 04/12/2022 活動: 《高錕慈善基金》2022聖誕慈善義賣揭幕禮 嘉賓: 蔡思貝、何廣沛、林鈺洧、梁超怡、徐麟 時間: 14:30 地點: 九龍塘達之路80號又一城LG2層 #高錕慈善基金 #蔡思貝 #何廣沛 #林鈺洧 #梁超怡 #徐麟


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