BW2046, is a Hong Kong based media and YouTube Channel, with an associated web-site www.bw2046.com . The channel is mainly sharing and introducing news and activities to the event-lovers all over the world. Channel's contents are with special focus on celebrities, models and show girls in various public events, especially in large-scale exhibitions and auto shows in Asia countries such as China, Japan, Korean and Taiwan etc.

The channel has been much welcomed by audiences all over the world. As of 13th September  2020, the number of subscribers has exceeded 157,000, and the number of views has exceeded 83 million.  The channel is one of the top HK channels and received a YouTube Creator Silver Award.

The site is also being approved to have Google Ads as well.

BW2046.COM 為香港自媒体!

BW2046.COM 為香港自媒体! 截至 13/09/2019,BW2046 YouTube 頻道之粉絲訂閱人數超過十五萬七千人 (157K), 累積點擊次數亦已超過八千三百萬 (8.3M)。

BW2046 是一個以香港為基地的短片分享頻道及自媒体, 主要是分享各類型公開活動中的名人及模特兒動態, 特別是大型展會及車展中的名人及一眾模特兒 (SG, RQ, Model), 而拍攝地點亦不限於香港, 遍及中日韓台等東南亞各地。

而根據獨立網站 socialblade.com 於 27/04/2019 之統計#,"BW2046 之 YouTube 全香港排名第92位, 為同類 YouTube 頻道最高瀏覽量之一,並且獲得 "YouTube白銀創作者獎"。


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