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BW2046 is a Hong Kong-based channel and self-media (we media) with the associated website

The main interests of the channel is sharing the beautiful scenes of celebrities, racing models in public events, especially in those large-scale exhibitions and auto shows. The shooting locations include China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and other Southeast Asian countries in the region.

The channel is well received by netizens from all over the world. As of March 2021, the number of views has exceeded 100 million! And the number of subscribers has exceeded 180,000, which is the highest of its kind in Hong Kong. Even in Asia, the channel also ranked in the forefront. And thank you for netizens' support, the channel won the "YouTube Silver Creator Award".

The website bw2046 is also being approved by Google Ads as well.


BW2046 是一個以香港為基地的頻道及自媒体, 網站為, 內容主要是分享公開活動, 特別是大型展會及車展活動中的名人及模特兒動態, 而拍攝地域包括中港台韓日台等各東南亞地區。

BW2046 頻道深受世界各地網民歡迎, 截至2021年3月, 點擊次數超過一億萬次! 而訂户人數超過18萬人, 為同類香港頻道之冠, 在亞洲區亦排名前列, 並獲得 "YouTube白銀創作者獎"之殊榮。 而網站亦得到 Google Ads 廣告認証許可。


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