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오토살롱위크 2019 | AUTO SALON X AUTOWEEK 2019 - 최슬기 Choi Seul Gi 崔瑟琪, Racing Model #77

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Model : 최슬기 Choi Seul Gi 崔瑟琪 /Choi SeulGi

Booth : All of JAJ (JAJ International) / JAJ Glatec 2019 오토살롱위크 2019 Auto Salon x Autoweek 2019 韓國國際汽車工業及配件展覽會 / 2019 首爾汽車沙龍週 2019 ソウルオートサロンウィーク Dates : 03-06 Oct 2019 Time : 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM ​ Venue : KINTEX Exhibition Hall 2, Goyang-si, South Korea 2019年AUTO SALON及AUTOWEEK兩大韓國汽車重要盛會聯合展出,為韓國領先的汽車覽會,創造嶄新型態之展會並為買主及供應商提更多的商機。 AUTO SALON and AUTOWEEK is the only and largest aftermarket focused exhibition in Korea that is representative and leading tuning industry. The event supports the desire of all tuning people as a big event in Korea and provides a business opportunity and communication channel by inviting buyers and lots of visitors.


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