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서울오토살롱 2016 | SEOUL AUTO SALON 2016 - 홍지연 Hong Jiyeon, Racing Model #06

Model : 홍지연 Hong Jiyeon / Hong Ji Yeon Booth : Vertex 2016 서울오토살롱 2016 Seoul Auto Salon 2016 ソウルオートサロン SEOUL AUTO SALON 2016: The only and largest aftermarket focused exhibition in Korea that is representative and leading tuning industry. Seoul Auto Salon supports the desire of all tuning people as a big event in Korea and provides a business opportunity and communication channel by inviting buyers and lots of visitors. It would be good to experience a new item at Seoul Auto Salon which is always seeking a new opportunity. EXHIBITS: Auto Tuning, Auto Care, IT Device & Accessories, Tuning Shop Festival DATE: Oct 07 2020 - Oct 11 2020 VENUE: Coex, Republic of Korea

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